Frequently Asked Questions

Common answers to frequent questions

When do you expect to be open?

Buudda Brothers expects to open its doors by Jan 2020!  Visit our location in the City of Holyoke at 604 Main St in Holyoke, MA.

Are you open on Holidays?

Buudda Brothers is open every day of the year except for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day between the hours of 8AM-8PM.

Who can visit the dispensary?

Buudda Brothers will be open to anyone 21 and over with a valid government issued photo ID.  Such procedures will be strictly enforced so please be prepared to cooperate with our on-site security personnel J.

Will Buudda Brothers Dispensary be safe?

Our customer’s safety and confidentiality are our highest priorities at Buudda Brothers.  Buudda Brothers uses State-of-the-art security systems and procedures to ensure that one’s experience is safe, discreet and enjoyable.  We ask that our customers do not bring bags within the facility.  Also, if one has a hoodie on please be sure to remove it prior to entering the premises.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Is there a guide for choosing the best product for me?

We’ve gone ahead and created a guide to help you better understand our products and choose the best one for you.  CLICK HERE (highlighted link going to a pdf brochure speaking about products) to learn more about what Buudda Brothers has to offer.

What products are available?

We have a number of strains growing within our cultivation area which will be available daily a long with strains sourced from sophisticated growers around Massachusetts.  You will find a rotating selection of several strains on our menu, daily.  You’ll also find a variety of sumptuous edibles and deluxe infused products such as Vape pens, wax, hash, kief, lotions and tinctures.

Are cannabis related accessories available at the dispensary?

Buudda Brothers will have a variety of accessories for recreational cannabis use available for purchase, including but not limited to vaporizers, rolling papers, filters, glass pipes, and grinders.

What is the Buudda Brothers purchasing limit for the day?

To be compliant with the State, Buudda Brothers will be limited to selling 1 oz flower or 5 grams of concentrates – or any combination of the two.  We do have plans to implement additional, temporary limits to ensure widespread access and is currently working with the State hand in hand to make that possible for our customers.  Be sure to check back with us!

Can a customer make multiple visits if they do not reach the 1 oz State limit?

Purchase limits imposed by the State and Buudda Brothers are PER TRANSACTION, and as such, it is possible for a customer to visit the dispensary more than once in a single day.  That said, State law also prohibits an individual from possessing more than one ounce of marijuana or five grams of concentrate outside of their home.  So – if you hit your limit in your visit and wish to return, you should ensure that you are first safely storing your purchase at home to avoid personal conflict with the law.  Please note, this is not legal advice.  For questions, please consult your own legal counsel.

We loved one specific strain but it seems to be sold out, when will that product be available again?

While Buudda Brothers strive to have all of our products on the menu daily, it is possible that specific items occasionally run out.  If there is a particular product you are looking for, you can reach out to us via email to get an estimate of when these products might be available again.  Otherwise, keep a lookout for those products on our menu – it may be that these products are waiting to be tested and will appear on our menu again soon.

How can I pay?

We accept cash as well as any debit or credit card that has a PIN.  Most people know their debit card PIN but not everyone knows their credit card PIN.  If you would like to utilize your credit card, we would encourage you to contact your credit card company to set up a PIN beforehand.  Our system works like an ATM, so generally if your card works at an ATM, it should also work at our dispensary.  And again, there is always cash.  We do not accept Visa gift cards.

Do you have any discount programs?

Our bud-tender would take the honor to inform you on any discount programs going on at the moment.  Please do not be shy to ask!

Do you offer Express Service?

The Reserve Ahead option is referring to our in store system of expediting your order.  This is a great option for customers who already familiar with our products.  Simply go to our website and click on Reserve Ahead to have your products picked, packaged and set aside, for a quick and easy transaction.

Can I travel with the products I purchased at Buudda Brothers?

Yes, just in Massachusetts.  Because of Federal Laws, it is currently illegal to cross any State lines in any form of transportation with your cannabis.

I’m making a purchase, what information of mine does Buudda Brother retain?


Your privacy is important to us, which is why we use sophisticated software that helps with just that.  Please keep in mind Massachusetts regulations restrict dispensaries from retaining more information than necessary to complete a sale.  In other words, Buudda Brothers will not store or ask for any personal information for cannabis purchases.  For your piece of mind, our ID scanners do not store any personal identifying information.  Once your ID is validated, the only information saved by our scanners is State/Country/City and age.

Is there more information about Cannabis products?

Yes absolutely!  Many of our adult use client’s heads over to our “Be informed” page to get additional information on the benefits of cannabis.  Be sure to visit!

Can’t seem to find the question you need answered?

Email us ß(highlighted link that can have the customer reach us via email), and we will be honored to help.


**when we do business with other vendors we would like to add additional questions about defective products and our return policy.